Flicker (2022)

Sculpture designed for the 2022 IESNYC Student Lighting Competition

Prompt- Evocative Luminance: explore light as an art form, demonstrate light as a stimulus, and prove light as a valuable medium.

How can light be used to trigger an emotion or spark a memory?

We no longer simply observe – we are moved by the experience of watching, and we move with it.

By being a witness of this work, we are confronted with the idea of introspection and the complexity of both our inner world and that which surrounds us. The organic shape of the design resembles the fluidity of our thought processes yet its simplicity begs the viewer to engage with it and reflect on its meaning. The light enhances the contours of the piece but also generates rhythm.
Overall, this piece intends to spark hidden emotions and trigger the viewers recollection of past experiences by suggesting a deeper, more profound meaning behind what can be immediately perceived- both by interpreting our circumstances and by becoming aware of how these change us. This is represented by the plasticity of the design itself and its homogeneity despite the variety of colors and inconsistency in its shape.